When you must succeed and time is money!

Studio is the main actor for RapidApplicationDevelopment. It helps you to Create your project from scratch and Visually Build your Application in the easiest way. If you were a .net developer or a Delphi developer and want to code with same paradigm, JavExpress Studio is Ready.

No more copying dependencies, no more writing annoying annotations on JPA entities, no more editing html codes, no more duplicating same page layout, no more leaked connections, no more hardwritten handler attaching, no more untestable applications and there are more "no mores" to explore!

You don't need to learn new things. You will use WorldWide Open and Improved technologies but with a powerful IDE witout pain.

All of your code will be Spring, Jpa(Hibernate), GWT compatible and will work at unbelievable speed on production environment. Your application will work on any J2SE Container.

JavExpress platform has been used on many biggest projects and got a few awards for now!

  • 3 tier Web Architecture
  • Cloud Friendly
  • Obfuscated JS on Clients
  • Minimal Network Payload
  • HTML5 / CSS3 (Any Browser)
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Spring & Spring Security
  • Hibernate EntityManager
  • Entity/Query Modeler
  • Visual Builder

DataLayer Manager

Manages Data centric objects, tables, queries, custom/named queries, indexes, maintaining scripts
and Generates native codes through easily builtin customizable templates at incredible speed.

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Table Schema

Create, Import, Manage Tables and Relations. Add fields, mappings, comments and metadata informations.

Indexes and Maintaining

Create, Import, Manage Table Indexes. Define Unique Keys, Secondary Keys and Ordinal Indexes. Maintanence SQL Scripts will be automatically generated. You can use as immediately or schedule as you wish.


Generate DDL informations as you wish. Can generate Create / Alter SQL statements or Liquibase ChangeSet XMLs

Database Independent / Multi Dialect

It helps you to build Database Independent, Multi Dialect data centric Applications in the easiest way. Can manage SQLs / JPQLs for different database types and generates database specific code for you.

ORM/JPA Support

Generates ORM Entities, DAO Objects, Factory Providers, Controllers(MVC) or more. Builtin templates are ready to work with Spring + Hibernate EM 5 and fully compatible with JPA. Can work with SpringData, Hibernate EntityManager, Eclipse TopLink and more.

Custom / Named Queries

Create JPQL or SQL queries, finds parameters and fields automatically and generates Entities, Querying methods with Paging.

Tagging / Versioning / Branching Support

Stores metadata informations on the code ecosystem. You can manage your tables/queries/indexes/entities in your Version Control system as you wish.

Query Editors

Write queries for multiple databases with easily by code assistance, parameter resolving, field discovering and more.

Relation Support

Define entity relations and mappings. Relational entities will be genereated automatically such as OneToMany, ManyToOne, OneToOne.

Table Extending and Polymorphism

Improve your application design using Object Oriented paradigm. One can extend a Table, implement many interfaces upto your design.

Extra Fields / ListItems

Define listing items without writing a query. Listing items can be defined as relational fields, a custom sql injection or a formula or a Java fragment.

Filter Support

Add filters to your listing items using your datasets and its relations recursively. Query condition will rendered if filter has value. One can define multiple components to use as filters. All is done visually without writing code/query.

Supports Ant

All operations has Ant tasks to work with your build infrastructure / Hudson / Jenkins.

UI Builder

Build User Interfaces Visually with DragNDrop, customize by properties, bind components to models, control the flow by events,
create master pages, extend pages and more. The missing part of Java Web Development is here.

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Create User Interfaces in the modern way. Just pick and drag a component from palette to the destination and drop it.

Manage Properties

Change component properties easily with Property Inspectors. Fully Context-Aware and will help you on all aspects like code assistant.

Manage Events

Attach/Detach events with single click. No need to memorize how to do something. Just learn the related events as Desktop Coding.

Bind Data

Bind your Model to View with easily. Supports two way type-aware binding and customization with before/after events.

Resource Editors

Use specialized editors for related resource types. String resources easily organized by tree and translatable by YandexTranslate service.

Template Editors

Use specialized editors for Template Editors to customize the IDE depending on your needs.

MultiLingual Design

Manage your linguistic resources easily and see them live on design. You can change the design language with single click.

Bootstrap Aware (Responsive)

Preview your design layout on different devices with single click. Fully supports Bootstrap.

Extend Forms / Use Master Pages

Use common form types as templates. For instance Listing forms should extend Querying Forms which also should extend ModuleBased Forms. If master page/form revised then all sub pages/forms will be effected automatically since they extended it. This makes sense!

FAQ For architects : Sub pages dont store all parental informations/components, instead it stores only the Diff.

AutoGenerated CRUD Forms

You have a table, has many defined informations. So let the UI Builder create CRUDs forms automatically. You just adjust the appearance if you need.

Dependency Manager

Manage your dependencies easily with GUI based editors. You can use Maven, Nexus, Artifactory, Ivy repositories. Can work with any structure that supports Maven.

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Define Dependencies

Add your required libraries as dependency with our Dependency Editor.

Search Libraries

Search required libraries by group, artifact, version and configuration.

Supports Modularity

Use your projects as dependencies in other projects such as

Common Module <- Finance Module <- Account Application. 

Version Based Configuration

Define your dependencies with versions. Also you can use X+ or latest synonyms.

Maven & Maven 2 & Maven 3

Use any Maven repositories for retrive and publish. You can also build and use inhouse Sonatype Nexus proxy for your company.

Supports Ant

All operations has Ant tasks to work with your build infrastructure / Hudson / Jenkins.