• Ready to go Enterprise WebApps

    JavaStudio is a "Modeling through Automized Tests" visual Java development environment to build an Scalable Enterprise Web App with pleasant users

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  • Rapid Development of Web-Based Applications

    Have you ever dreamed a Java RAD Tool? It's here! All of the Web Application functionality you need is built-in and ready to use. Its built-on open, proven, scalable and well known libraries such as Spring, Hibernate, JasperReports, HikariCP, Activiti, GWT, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap and more

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  • DragNDrop? UIDesigner? Builder?

    Studio has all! Design and Build your UIs with DragNDrop. Use over 70+ components, set the properties, attach events and map databindings. If you need more write Java code.

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  • Manage JPA Entities and DataLayer with DB Modeler

    Create/import your Entity Models, then the awesome scalable datalayer is one click away. DB Generator creates all JPA/Hibernate/SpringData layer through the template. Built-in customizable templates generates Models, Views, Controllers and CRUD Services.

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  • AutoGenerated Listings and CRUD UIs

    Studio can generate an almost running multilanguage UIs from your Models. Filtering, Sorting, Adding, Updating, Deleting, Exporting, Auditing is ready to go with AutoGenerated UIs. You can modify the UI design with our Visual tools. Hard to tell. Its an awesome work!

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  • Powerful and Scalable Reporting with ease!

    Design your query and then modify the auto generated JasperReport layout or add new layouts. One can create a CultureAware report with our Reporting Wizard without any Code even it has not included in your code.

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  • Built On Spring©, so its spring season!

    Our server-side architecture is built on proven Spring Framework. Every of our service is a customizable bean. Spring Security, Repository, Restful Web Services are supported built-in.

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  • Server Replication/Clustering is built-in

    If you need replicated servers our Framework does it without pane. It is too easy and built-in!

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  • O.S., Database and Language Independent

    We run on Unix, Linux, MacOs and Windows. We run on PostgeSql, Oracle, MS-Sql, Sybase, MySql, HSqlDB, H2, Derby and more. We support any language such as English, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew and much more.

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  • UI Standarts and Inheritance

    Studio has all common UI types such as QueryUI, GridListUI, TreeListUI, EditUI, ApprovalUI and more. Just extend it and use! You can also create your own templates with same IDE support!

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  • Build WebApps only with Java

    No need to fight with HTML and JavaScript! We have done it for you. Simply code Your Application with just using Java! In production compilation your App is compiled to JavaScript.

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  • Performance? Its now your booster

    Our architecture is designed to use the minimum payload. Built on proven Widgets on client side. Communications are done meticulously using Ajax without any roundtrips. User footprint is too small. No any kind of UI shadows in server session per user. This really rocks!

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  • Cutting Edge

    Supports all of the modern browsers, old browsers (IE9+), touch devices. All the running widgets in browser is built on HTML5 and has Responsive Designs.

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  • Tackle the mounting trouble

    Using ActiBPM makes the requirements clear and the coding simpler. Collect KPIs and manage the processes in an efficient way! Its built-in!

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Java Studio is different. a Framework. a JPA Creator. an Entity Modeler. an UI Builder. a DragNDrop Designer. an i18n Resource Editor. a Solution Maker. the effective Builder.

It is a real Java Studio and the unique IDE for developing Web Applications rapidly with improved technologies. Code like a Desktop in Delphi or .Net


Create your domain models as you wish. Use existing POJOs or create new models. Data Layer Modeler will help you to easily create and manage your Models. You can use any Serializable object as Models even if it is a JPA Entity. Manage JPA Entities by Fields, Relations, Indexes and MultiDialect Queries. DataLayer Generator will generate all the DataLayer through built-in customizable Templates.


Visually design and develop your Views. UI Builder will help you to easily create/extend, design, develop your views. Manage your components using ContextAwareProperty Editors, Data Binding assistance and i18n Resource fields. Generates visually designed interface code into Java file seamlessly through built-in customizable Templates. It fully supports i18n, Two way DataBinding, UI Inheritance, Composition, Responsive design, event driven paradigm.


JavaStudio generates most of the Domain Controllers. Just extend it and build your business logic. It supports Caching, Locking, Validating, Fetching related objects, Filtering, Data Transformation and more out of box. Very easy to use and effective design. Our Controller design is ready to use as portable objects across Restful Web Services,EJBs,RPCs and RMIs.


JavExpress framework fully supports Responsive as JavaStudio does. With the Responsive design your application works well on many devices, many resolutions, many platforms. It seems like a native mobile application on small devices, a desktop application on larger devices.


Html has been fine grained with 5th version. And also CSS 3 support makes the web experience a delight. They are the standarts for the future and also the atomic factors of a good design. When they meet with JavExpress experience the result is the Beauty. The users will love it.

Launch Ready

JavaStudio creates web applications in seconds as you wish. Use built in application skeletons/archetypes to build your new outstanding project. Just select the options, give it a name and just click Finish button. Your application will be created and It is ready to use. Just Launch it!

We use all the modern, proven software technologies!

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